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Rabu, 27 April 2011

When compared with other types of beverages, tea was more beneficial. These drinks can prevent or help cure diseases like influenza mild to severe forms of cancer. Type of tea can also be selected according to individual taste.

Here are 27 kinds of green tea benefits based on various research results:

    1. Can prevent and reduce high blood pressure
    2. Prevent high blood sugar levels
    3. Lowering cholesterol levels
    4. Lowering the risk of heart disease
    5. Lowering the risk of stroke
    6. Helps the body fight the virus (such as influenza virus)
    7. Can inhibit nerve function impairment
    8. Improving cognitive function
    9. Work for gum health
   10. Prevent shortness of breath
   11. Reduce stress
   12. Eliminate fatigue and exhaustion
   13. Being able to prevent cancer
   14. Capable of controlling tumor growth
   15. Help cure cancer
   16. Helps you lose weight
   17. Reducing the risk of arthritis and rheumatism
   18. Functioning as an anti-inflammatory throat
   19. Preventing osteoforosis
   20. Preventing the emergence of allergies
   21. Protecting the liver
   22. Preventing hepatitis
   23. Helping prevent the spread of HIV virus
   24. Reducing the hazards of smoking
   25. Slows aging
   26. Whether consumed for diabetics
   27. Able to prevent food poisoning

There are so many benefits from drinking tea. It's relatively cheap, too much tea menfaatnya for our bodies. There have been many proof why we did not try.

Source: www.nwipp-newspapers.com


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