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Rabu, 27 April 2011

Aromatherapy Massage

The high activity of work leads to stress easily and quickly exhausted. This condition results in decreased self-potential, so that will affect the decline in labor productivity, the fun is lost, the face appeared listless, and tired.
To overcome this required adequate rest and medical therapy. And reflexology foot and hand therapy is as one solution. This method has been proven since thousands of years ago, as taught by the doctors from the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Arabic.
In Roman and Greek times, doctors consider massage as an important part in the healing process and relieve pain. The touch of hands has its own miracle. Every human being needs a touch of it to stimulate the nerve to go back to normal.
Seeing the urgent need, now many places offer facilities reflection and relaxation therapy. Shizuka, for example. Massage place that opened a practice in Java Supermall semi-basement floor provides adequate treatment with a touch of the hand and the aroma therapy that can generate neural re-fit.
The place was equipped with adequate facilities, such as 5 seats / massage centers where comfortable, air-conditioned, and experienced masseuse. "Although located in the mall but we were pretty quiet place, so that visitors enjoy a relaxing massage base reflection that we do," said Peni, owner of Shizuka.
Package reflexology at Shizuka pegged rate Rp 40,000 for one hour. Each subscriber will get a card Shizuka stamp to be used as a bonus massage massage after 10 times in that place.
Pemijatannya done in reflection with a smear of cream and aromatherapy oils. Parts of the body massage, ie feet, hands, and back. Because this area is a lot to do with the nerves that can directly penetrate to the center of pain.
The perceived benefits of reflexology and aroma therapy, among others, to relieve some diseases, both physically and mentally. Can also accelerate blood circulation, prevent and cure cholesterol, hypertension, gout, kidney, heart, headaches, insomnia, stress, often tired, lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, and increased arousal.
Peni, adding other benefits of touch therapy and the therapeutic fragrance when enjoyed together, namely mempelancar blood circulation, nourish muscle, offers a poison, and freeing the trapped enegi due to muscle tension. While the fragrance triggers a sense of fun and healthy. Extract oil that will seep into the skin while massage is quite high.
During the massage done subscribers also can enjoy the music as a relaxation, which can reduce muscle tension and improving blood circulation. (Ega-33)
Quoted from: www.suaramerdeka.com

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Wahib mercy Says:

December 4, 2007 at 5:52 pm

if you can tampunglah orang2 who have a natural talent '

mgkn I was too easy to say as a carpenter piajt,
but that's my thing while my talents since childhood, because I want anyone needs my expertise.
& I hope someday everybody needs me
and then thank's for your attetion.
pijatkeluargasehat Says:

December 6, 2007 at 7:56 pm

Yth. Mr Wahib Ridwan good,

I hope Mr Wahib not easy to despair in this life, you must already have specific expertise massaging.

Because you can live with the massage and can provide for your family, but with a note:
1) is a professional,
2) body massage at the right point (the origin is not strong and there are over 1000 workers massage the point that you must understand),
3) have knowledge about the disease and the anatomy of the body,
4) perform massage therapy with the aim of helping people, about you get paid is a bonus. So do not focus on money alone yaa .... Sorry did not mean to patronize.
5) You do all this sincere and useful for many people, God willing, your fortune will abound. Amen

For his participation on this blog, I have to say thank you.


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