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Rabu, 27 April 2011

Noni Fruit Benefits

Noni Capsule www.ekafood.com Competitive PriceContact 0818.040.95808 (April / Rini)Chapter One: Overview About NoniClassification MengkuduThere are about 80 species of plantsincluded in the genus Morinda.According H.B. Guppy, British scientistwho studied Mengkudu aroundIn 1900, approximately 60 percent of the 80Morinda species grow on the islandslarge and small, includingIndonesia, Malaysia and the islandslocated in the Indian Ocean and MarinePacific.Only about 20 species of Morinda which have economic value, among others:Morinda bracteata, Morinda officinalis, Fructus Morinda, Morinda tinctoria andMorinda citrifolia.Morinda citrifolia is the most popular type, so often referred to as"Queen of the Morinda". This species has its own name in every country,such as Noni in Hawaii, Nonu or Nono in Tahiti, Cheese Fruit in Australia,Noni, Pace in Indonesia and Malaysia.Phylum: Angiospermae, Sub-phylum: Dycotiledones, Division: Lignosae, Family: Rubiaceae,Genus: Morinda, Species: citrifolia. Scientific Name: Morinda citrifolia.Botany MengkuduMorinda citrifolia plant family including coffee-copy (Rubiaceae), which inoriginally came from mainland Southeast Asia and then spreadto China, India, Philippines, Hawaii, Tahiti, Africa, Australia, Caribbean, Haiti, Fiji,Florida and Cuba.History of Noni UtilizationNoni originated in Southeast Asia. In the year 100 BC, the population of AsiaSoutheast migrated and landed on the islands of Polynesia, they onlybring plants and animals that are considered essential for life in a new place.These plants have many uses, among others for materialclothing, buildings, food and medicine, five kinds of crops nationPolynesia is taro, breadfruit, bananas, yams, and sugarcane. Noni is inlocal language called "Noni" is one of the important medicinal plant speciesalso taken.Noni Fruit Benefits2Noni Capsule www.ekafood.com Competitive PriceContact 0818.040.95808 (April / Rini)Polynesian nation utilize "Noni" to treat various types of diseases,include: tumors, wounds, skin diseases, respiratory disorders (including asthma),fever and diseases of old age. Knowledge of medication useMengkudu handed down from generation to generation through songs and folklore.Physician Polynesia, called the Kahuna is a person plays hoopsnation in the world of Polynesian traditional medicine and always useMengkudu in prescription medication.The reports about the efficacy of plant is also found in writings Mengkuduancient created approximately 2000 years ago, ie duringreign of the Han Dynasty in China. Even also contained in the storiespuppet that was written in the reign of the kings of the island of Java hundredsyears ago.The development of textile industry in Europe to encourage the search coloring materialsnaturally to the areas of colonization, because at that time of synthetic dyeshas not been found. In 1849, European researchers found the dyenaturally derived from Noni roots, and then given the name "Morindone"and "Morindin". The result of this discovery, the name "Morinda" is derived.Here is a chart the historical development of Morinda citrifolia:Year Description100 M Immigrants from Southeast Asia arrived in Kep. Polynesia by bringingNoni seed.1849 The Europeans found the dye from the root Mengkudu,namely morindone and Morindin.1860 Use of Mengkudu for treatment were written in the literatureWest.1950 The discovery of antibacterial agents in Noni fruit.1960-1980 scientific researches carried out to prove that Mengkuducan lower high blood pressure.Biochemist 1972, Dr. Ralph Heinicke started doing research onxeronine and Noni.1993 The discovery of anti-cancer substances (damnacanthal) in the Noni fruit.The Europeans knowMengkudu properties around the year1800, which beginswith the landing of Captain Cookand the crew of the IslandsHawaii (1778).Their arrival helpedbrought new diseases,such as gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis,cholera, influenza, pneumoniaNoni Fruit Benefits3Noni Capsule www.ekafood.com Competitive PriceContact 0818.040.95808 (April / Rini)quickly breaks out into all areas of Hawaii and lead to deaththousands of residents. Even traditional medicine is not the local communityable to resist these diseases.European researchers who come later do a search and researchabout Polynesian history and culture of the nation, including the treatment systemtraditional.And in 1860, natural treatment using Noni began carryingin Western literature.(Source: Books Healthy With Noni, author Mary Goreti Waha, STP)

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